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Team and Leadership Development

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much" Helen Keller

High performing teams lie at the heart of successful businesses. Across every industry, companies that build and foster strong leaders and teams outperform their peers. Whilst team development is on the agenda for most organizations, the practice can often fall short of the aspiration. At CumPane, we are passionate about supporting leadership and team development. We deploy market leading tools, such as Clifton Strengths Finder, PRISM Brain Mapping and OfficeVibe to help clients build and develop their leaders and teams.

Clifton Strengths Finder

Clifton Strengths Finder is an advanced tool used by organizations to assess team members across a range of 34 categories. Results help individuals to identify their areas of strength and to maximize these in their professional and private lives. When undertaken across a group, the results can be combined to form a team strengths map. Evidence shows that building on team strengths is a more effective investment that focussing on addressing weaknesses. At the time of writing over 18 million Strengths Finder assessments have been completed, providing a rich set of benchmarking data. We support clients in deploying this tool across their business and leveraging the results to increase engagement and effectiveness.

PRISM Brain Mapping

PRSIM Brain Mapping is a revolutionary tool based on neuroscience research. It assesses individual preferences according to brain function and provides detailed assessment on both individuals and team levels. The reporting framework includes Emotional Intelligence and Mental Toughness analysis. The team assessment compares manager and team scores to highlight areas of inconsistency that could be friction points affecting performance. The team can be re-assessed on a regular basis to track progress against the objectives.


Many companies run periodic employee surveys to monitor engagement levels. These can be valuable but are often time-consuming to complete and only provide a snapshot view. 


OfficeVibe takes engagement to another level. Pulse surveys are designed to be run on a regular basis (e.g. weekly or bi-weekly), are fun to complete and provide a continous assessment on the team. An interactive engagement report provides in-depth analysis for managers and enables comparisons across teams. At CumPane we have experience in deploying OfficeVibe across teams globally and can advise clients on how to leverage such tools to increase employee engagement and deliver higher team performance.. 

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