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About Us

Our Mission

We support companies in taking steps to strategically grow their business through deployment of advanced technology and the development of strong, empowered teams. We believe that people-focussed companies, with sound leadership and great systems are destined for success.

The intrinsic value of people

Businesses work better when people are placed at the center. This applies to all stakeholders: customers, employees and investors 

The power of teamwork

Great things are achieved by talented and committed individuals working together towards a shared goal

The freedom of a growth mindset

Business is not a zero-sum game. Collaboration delivers additional value and growth 

The energy of innovation

Innovation generates excitement and opens up new paths and possibilities

The essence of leadership

Leadership is an attribute rather than a title. True leaders put the needs of the team above their own

The satisfaction of a job well done

Hard work brings its own reward. We celebrate success and then roll up our sleeves for the next challenge.

Our Values

At CumPane, our values lie at the heart of our business and are reflected in the day-to-day decisions we make, and underpin our interactions with our stakeholders. More than nice slogans, these values guide us and cause us to strive to be better each day. 


CumPane Solutions was founded in 2018 in order to bring expert consulting into the life insurance technology space.


The name "CumPane" (pronounced "Come-Parnay") is based on the Latin phrase from which "Company" is derived. It literally means "to share bread".


Our belief is that business is more than just making money - it is about sharing talents, skill and resources to the benefit of all stakeholders: clients, partners and the wider community.

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