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Jason Bowman, Founder & CEO
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Our Team

Jason has been a driving force behind the deployment of technology in the insurance industry over the past two decades. He has held senior positions at Swiss Re, the world's largest life reinsurance company, and was responsible for bringing the company's automated underwriting solution into North America. Jason went on to lead a large global team, winning several industry awards whilst building a client base of top-tier insurers.

Jason leverages this deep experience to help companies build and grow high performance teams, deploy technology for maximum business advantage and transform outdated business processes to compete in a fast paced and rapidly changing marketplace. Jason works with a network of leaders across the insurance and technology worlds to bring tools, services and cutting edge solutions to clients.

Strategic Partners 
SelectX Logo.png

SelectX is a consultancy firm specializing in life and disability insurance underwriting. Founded in 2003 and with clients all over the world, Select X brings a wealth of experience in deploying underwriting solutions into the market.

CumPane partners with SelectX in delivering their RiskApps underwriting manual to clients in North America and in providing underwriting rulebases and consulting services. 

Simon Brocklehurst, CommercialSolutions
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Business Partners 

Simon is Founder and President of CommercialSolutions. He has a unique variety of experience working in and with many of the world’s leading organizations. Simon led a niche consultancy to become the world leader in its field and he is passionate to help his clients to solve their challenges: opportunities as well as problems, in ways that are simple, flexible and deliver. He has led projects as diverse as negotiating gas refinery construction to CPG team development, supplier rationalization to agency go-to-market strategy. Simon supports CumPane projects in the areas of strategy consulting, commercial relationships and team development.

Mark Tully, PRISM Brain Mapping
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Mark is a seasoned leadership professional with more than 30 years of industry experience. Although his experience covers a range of functions, organizations, and continents, the one common denominator is Mark’s people-centric approach, developed and applied in his corporate career and now provided in consultancy services. Mark’s focus on people led him to apply neuroscience in the workplace, using behavioral understanding and brain-based behavioral development. Mark is a master practitioner with the next generation of behavioral understanding tool, PRISM. Mark works with CumPane Solutions to help organizations optimize business performance using the PRISM solution.

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